"CNC" Plotter cutting services

"CNC" plotter cutting service is performed for materials with a workspace dimensions of 2100 x 3100 mm.

The CNC plotter cutting is made with: Kimla BPF 2131 industrial gate plotter

The CNC plotter is used to cut the following materials:

  • aluminum
  • plastics
  • composites
  • MDF
  • HPL
  • plywood

We are the specialized service centers: Hardox® Wearparts center  Grupa Glinkowski Centrum obróbki blach Hardox Weaparts Center


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Sikorzyn 21, 63-800 Gostyń


tel/fax +48 65 572 70 24

tel./fax +48 65 572 70 25


e-mail: office@graxx.eu 

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