Hardox® Wearparts center

Hardox® Wearparts center is a brand of a partner sales network of high-quality, abrasion-resistant steel, produced by SSAB - the Scandinavian metallurgical company.

The globally operating steel company SSAB is a specialized manufacturer of Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS) and Quenched and Tempered Steels (Q&T) in the form of strips, plates and tubes as well as solutions for the construction industry.

The Hardox® brand, in the SSAB offer, means specialized abrasion-resistant steel with exceptional resistance, used e.g. in construction and mining. The Hardox® marking on steel products has become synonymous with superior strength all around the world; it also strengthens the manufacturer's reputation. Hardox® steel processing establishes high demands on machining.

Hardox® abrasion-resistant steel with a hardness of 450HB is used by the GRAXX (Glinkowski Group) in the production of excavator buckets.

In 2020, the SSAB management board from Sweden appreciated our experience in the field of Hardox® steel processing, inviting us to a network of specialized service centers - Hardox® Wearparts center - guaranteeing the highest quality in its processing.

The GRAXX (Glinkowski Group) is just the second network point in Wielkopolska region that has the right to use the Hardox® Wearparts center marking. For the group, being a member of the network means, above all, the opportunity to offer Hardox® steel processing services.

In production plants located in Sikorzyn near Gostyń (Poland) we provide welding, machining and cutting services on Hardox® steel sheets.

We invite all companies that would like to use Hardox® abrasion- resistant steel in their production to cooperate with us.

More about Hardox® Wearparts centerwww.hardoxwearparts.com 

More about steel services: http://www.graxx.eu/pl/uslugi

Hardox Weaparts Center. Processing of Hardox steel in Poland

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