Excavator buckets

GRAXX – respected Polish producer of excavator buckets!

GRAXX excavator buckets can be used with various brands of excavators up to 85 tons.

Buckets suit the following applications:

GRAXX excavator buckets can be additionally equipped with mechanical or hydraulic quick couplers. GRAXX offers two types of quick couplers: S-type (S30, S40, S50, S60, S70, S80 etc.) and CW type (CW45, CW45S, CW55, CW55S etc.), matching all-purpose brackets available on the market. [More on quick couplers — click this link].

Excavator buckets are made using welding technology with mounted coupling components (the brackets). The jacket (bottom) of the scoop is made of structural steel (buckets for excavators of up to 14 tons) or HARDOX 450 HB steel (buckets for 14 ton+ excavators) and reinforced with additional flat bars. Steel sides of the scoop are reinforced at the front with HARDOX 450 HB components (buckets for 14 ton+ excavators). The blade is made of steel with a hardness of about 500 HB (standard 470–540 HB).

GRAXX excavator buckets — technical specification



Type of equipment 

Excavator bucket, ripper, or fork carriage

Power supply

Excavator hydraulics


GRT / GS / KS / PFS / PG / PS / RPS / SPS / TRS / RTPS / TPS


Steel, welded, reinforcements made of steel with an increased hardness

Excavator fixture types

S / MH /FL45 / CW
Details: see manufacturer’s catalogue

Working element

  • Angle blade
  • Combiparts tooth 
  • CAT-type tooth, series JK
  • tooth made as per customer request


1 person


See manufacturer’s catalogue

Unladen mass

See manufacturer’s catalogue


See manufacturer’s catalogue

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