HARDOX buckets

GRAXX - Hardox 450 HB excavator buckets

The quality of steel used for structural components of excavator buckets is crucial for their strength, performance and manufacturing economics.

Excavator buckets made of Hardox steel

Components of all GRAXX buckets for 14 ton+ excavators (digging, sloping, trapezoidal, and openwork types) that are subject to abrasion are only made of HARDOX 450 HB steel, designed for aggressive working environments.

Due to outstanding structural properties of this high-yield-strength steel, it can be bent, formed and welded without degradation of its key qualities, i.e. hardness and resistance to abrasion, impacts, shocks, and contact pressure.

The abrasion-resisting Hardox® sheet is the highest global standard among abrasion-resisting steels, uniquely combining hardness and impact strength, ensuring long reliable operation regardless of conditions. This is the quality that the largest global manufacturers of excavators and other construction machinery expect:

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The GLINKOWSKI GROUP buys HARDOX steel directly at SSAB production plants. 

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