GRAXX - CE-certified excavator buckets

The highest quality of GRAXX products and services is based on the brand’s mission and experience. We have manufactured and machined steel products since 1956.

Steel has no secrets to us. This tradition is already continued by the third generation of the GLINKOWSKI family. Despite the industrial scale of steel product production, features typical of a small workshop can still be found. A customer will be impressed by our attention to detail, from raw material to workmanship to readiness to implement custom solutions.

Starting the production of excavator buckets, we used our know-how and experience as well as machine pool that have given us the position of the world’s largest horse carriage manufacturer and made the brand a synonym for sport carriages.

An experienced engineering team, CAD software, welding robots, CNC thermal cutting machines, state of the art powder and spray painting lines, CNC machine tools as well as expert machine operators with years of experience.

Again, when it comes to raw materials, compromise is no option. All painting materials and technical supervision are provided by PPG, a global leader in industrial paints. Structural steel is used for manufacture, while HARDOX steel with a hardness of 450 HB is used for parts subject to abrasion. [more information about HARDOX — here]

All buckets for construction machinery and other construction accessories are CE-certified, which means that they meet quality requirements set out in European Union’s directives concerning safety, health and environmental protection.

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