The GRAXX’s mission is to share the heritage of generations of the GLINKOWSKI family in steel processing and machining by manufacturing steel products for construction and agriculture industries, ensuring effective, reliable, and safe operation and, in particular, meeting individual customer requirements.

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Based on GLINKOWSKI family’s craftsmanship, we intend to make GRAXX the brand of choice for non standard steel processing and machining as well as manufacturing of steel products for construction machinery and equipment, agriculture, and other sectors. 

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GRAXX means values! 

Our values determine the way we perform services for our Customers.

  • Quality: We make either products of the highest quality or none at all.
  • Cooperation with Customers: We share knowledge to make better products.
  • Dedication to Customers: We respect individual requirements.
  • Responsibility for Customers: We make products to solve Customer’s issues rather than creating new ones.
  • Responsibility for Employees: Our manufacturing processes pose no threat to employees’ health, and we provide for their safety.
  • Values of the GLINKOWSKI brand: We respect the brand and work in line with its heritage.



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e-mail: office@graxx.eu