GRAXX - the professional manufacturer of parts for construction machinery fom Poland!

GRAXX is a respected global-oriented European brand of professional parts for construction machinery, ready to provide global construction industry leaders with equipments and accessories of the highest quality. Our speciality is manufacturing excavator buckets and accessories. We also offer blades and rippers.

We have manufactured special-purpose parts for construction machinery for a number of years under a brand owned by our Nordic partner, recognized and respected across the construction services sector in Denmark and Sweden. Our excavator buckets meet quality and strength standards as expected by demanding Nordic manufacturers. GRAXX excavator buckets can be used with various brands of excavators of an unladen weight of up to 85 tons.

GRAXX is a new brand in Glinkowski Group’s portfolio. The company, known mainly as the world’s largest manufacturer of sport and recreational horse carriages, has given its name to the business of producing construction equipments and accessories as well as industrial services that have been provided for many years to external customers. Based on the growing sales of buckets and accessories, especially on non-European markets, we decided to assign an engineering team and plant infrastructure dedicated to the manufacture of parts for construction machinery.

GRAXX accepts no compromise when it comes to quality, strength, and safety of their products. These advantages are guaranteed by the craftsmanship passed from generation to generation of the GLINKOWSKI family. The vast experience in steel machining and processing is supported by a team of excellent engineers, state-of-the-art design software, and an extensive machine pool.

GRAXX buckets and accessories for excavators meet the highest standards with respect to performance and productivity that leading global construction services providers and construction equipment manufacturers demand. Our production plant located in Poland.

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