GLINKOWSKI - the world’s largest manufacturer of horse carriages!

GLINKOWSKI is a well-known brand among manufacturers of horse carriages. First carriages left the family workshop in mid-1950s. It is just than that the history of the world’s largest manufacturer of horse carriages today has started.

The brand focuses on making sport carriages, both for training and competitions, used by prize winning competitors who succeeded in individual and team horse driving.

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The brand is also recognized for renovation of old carriages; these are restored and have their finest details reconstructed. The company’s customers include both private collectors and renowned museums all over the world. The workshop near Gostyń is noted for traditions of craftsmanship, state of-the-art machine pool, and passion for months-long giving a second life to stunning historical vehicles.

Through a dealer network, the GLINKOWSKI carriages are available globally. Find out where you can buy GLINKOWSKI carriages [click link]

The GLINKOWSKI brand also continues the tradition established by the company’s founder, Walenty Kołak, by offering, from 1956 on a continuous basis, industrial services in the area of steel products manufacturing and steel machining.

Recently, the increase in the scale of production in both these segments has led to changes regarding the organisation, production, and marketing, and so the GRAXX brand was established to include services and steel products within the group (excavator buckets, blades, teeth). Since then, the GLINKOWSKI brand refers only to carriage production.

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