Slope Bucket

Manufacturer: GRAXX — Slope Buckets 

Slope buckets with a mechanical quick coupler [PS and SPS] and a hydraulic quick coupler [TPSL and TPS]

Slope buckets are designed for terrain formation (sloping). They are used when large amounts of excavated material have to be handled. They enable loosening, lifting, handling, and discharging bulk materials, such as natural soil, sand, gravel, and aggregate. In GRAXX portfolio their designations are PS and SPS [mechanical quick coupler] or TPSL and TPS [hydraulic quick coupler]. The buckets can have a blade with an angle blade at their end.

There are two types of boom fixtures for slope buckets:

  • Fixing with two hooks - fixture types: CW10, CW20, CW20S, CW30, CW30S, CW40, CW40S, CW45, CW45S, CW55, CWSSS, or CW70
  • Fixing with two shafts - fixture types: MH30, S30, MH40, S40, S45, FL45/Hydrema, S50, S60, S70, S80, S90, and S100

The main assemblies of slope buckets are:

  • coupling assembly
  • hydraulics for smooth positioning of the bucket at any angle (TPSL and TPS)
  • steel scoop
  • blade
  • and, additional replaceable blade, a so-called angle blade

The whole slope bucket structure is made using welding technology with mounted coupling components (the brackets). The jacket (bottom) of the scoop is made of structural steel (buckets for backhoes of up to 14 tons) or HARDOX 450HB steel (buckets for 14 ton+ backhoes) and reinforced with additional flat bars. Steel sides of the scoop are reinforced at the front with HARDOX 450HB components (buckets for 14 ton+ excavators). The blade is made of steel with a hardness of about 500 HB (standard 470–540 HB).

Slope buckets with a hydraulic quick coupler (TPSL and TPS) are equipped with an articulated hydraulic system connected to the hydraulics of the excavator. This makes it possible to control the bucket angle with respect to the excavation or the spoil pile by the excavator operator as well as using these buckets for complex or precision tasks.

The excavator hydraulic system pump serves as the hydraulic drive for these slope buckets. The pump provides oil through flexible lines to the bucket cylinders. Control is performed with control levers of a diverter plate in the excavator cab.

As for fixing style, GRAXX slope buckets feature various coupling systems. The manufacturer offers S or CW-type brackets which suit all-purpose quick couplers available on the market.

Weld-in wide slope buckets feature an additional reinforcement inside the scoop.




Type of attachment



Unladen mass of the backhoe

0,8 – 55 tons

Quick coupler

FL45 / S45 / S60 / S70

Bucket dimensions

See bucket catalogue

Unladen mass

330 – 950 kg

280 – 750 kg


340 – 1150 litres

600 – 1300 litres

Working element

Blade / angle blade

Bucket control



1 person



TPS and TPSL buckets

2 -1060





Unladen mass of the backhoe

1,5 – 3,0 tons

3,5 - 4,5 tons

5 – 10 tons

21 – 28 tons

Quick coupler






Bucket height

500 mm

430 mm

600 mm

1000 mm

1000 mm

Bucket width

1100 mm

1340 mm

1740 mm

2040 mm

2240 mm

Bucket length

850 mm

930 mm

1150 mm

1700 mm

1700 mm

Unladen mass

150 kg

2200 kg

500 kg

1170 kg

1350 kg


130 litres

180 litres

350 litres

1400 litres

1550 litres

Working element

Blade / angle blade

Bucket tilt angle control


Nominal system pressure

18 – 20 MPa


1 person 

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